I welcome all students seeking admission to our college in order to pursue their intended course of study. It has always been our endeavour to keep the interest of our students uppermost in our mind keeping in view that only a small segment of our youth  afford an opportunity to pursue academic courses in our Universities and colleges and that, nothing but the best standards and practices should be made available to all ....


The college takes its name after Behan Satyawati (1907-1945), the immortal freedom fighter of Delhi, remembered for her dedication to various patriotic missions. Established in 1973, the college currently has over 2400 students. The college attracts a large number of students both boys and girls from various regions of our country. The college is committed to providing meaningful education which equips students to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. We further seek to sensitise students to diverse streams of thought through the courses of study in humanities, social sciences and commerce.